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Korean company will invest $ 500 million in MTK Primorye-2

23 January 2020
Logistics News

Volumes of transportations along the MTK Primorye-2 will increase significantly. The driver of this growth will be the construction of container and grain terminals in the port of Slavyanka. This was reported by the press service of the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support (ANO IPA).

Investments in terminal construction are tentatively estimated at between $ 450 and $ 540 million. The investor in the project is the Korean company Hyein E&C, which has already prepared a feasibility study for the port. The feasibility study was developed with the participation of ANO IPA. The initiator of the construction of terminals on the Russian side is the company «Berkut».

The project will be implemented on an area of ​​131 hectares. In addition to the construction of container and grain terminals, it provides for the repair of the shipyard of the Slavyanka shipyard, the development of the Nerpa port and the construction of an export terminal for liquefied petroleum gas with an annual capacity of 1 million tons. This was told by the Director General of ANO IPA Leonid Petukhov.

According to ANO IPA estimates, the multiplier effect from the operation of the Slavyanka port will amount to $ 5.9 billion, an increase in added value up to $ 2.8 billion. In addition, the project will provide 100.9 thousand people with work.

The Chinese side is also interested in the development of transportation along the Primorye-2 transport and transportation complex and is contributing to this development. Thus, the Jilin provincial government said that in the near future the highway from Hunchun leading to the port of Zarubino will be modernized. Recall that Hunchun and Zarubino are only 71 km away.

According to the chairman of the Jilin provincial government, Jing Junhai, the volumes of transportation along the Primorye-2 transport and logistics complex will steadily increase in 2020. As part of the development of the project, the road connecting Hunchun with the port of Slavyanka and the infrastructure of the Kraskino station will also be modernized.

MTK Primorye-2 with the main route Changchun - Jilin - Hunchun - Kraskino - the port of Zarubino is designed to transport goods between Russia, China, the Republic of Korea and Japan.